Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Cure for The Modern TV

This year my BF and I decided that we wouldn't buy each other Christmas gifts, instead, we would buy a new LCD-HD TV in preparation for the big HD changeover due in Feb '08.  We currently had a 15 year old 13" non-HD tv to watch in the kitchen.  It was perched up on top of the fridge, the only placement option available.   Eye squint and neck kinks were adapted to eventually.

When we set the new 19" LCD tv up in the same position, and then sat down at the table to watch it, we realized a flaw that the LCDs have.  When you view from eye level, the picture is fine, when you view from below, the picture gets very dark.  Another thing we didn't investigate before we bought, was that the model didn't come with an adjustable tilt stand. We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen watching the tv, so alas, what to do?

Thankfully, my BF is a creative Handyman Extraordinare! This is what he came up with for a frugal fix that is attractive and functional:

He found a 12" piece of wood in the basement, sanded and painted it gray with some spare paint.  He drilled two holes into the back of the stand and screwed it to the wood so the tv wouldn't slide off of the board.  Then he bought two rubber door stops (the old fashioned angled ones) for $1.99 at the local hardware store and put them under the board to tilt the board up to the best angle for viewing while sitting at the kitchen table.  Functional, Frugal, and Creative!

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